Schooner Financial Associates is located in Scottsdale, Arizona and was founded in 1993 by Alan Schmidgall and Brad Parish. After beginning their careers at a proprietary firm, their goal was to create a firm where high-quality financial representatives could provide comprehensive financial planning to clients as independent advisors. While adhering to strict industry practices, independent advisors can offer an unbiased array of products and services to their clients, thus serving the goals of the client, not the goals of a captive or proprietary firm.

Unfortunately, Brad's 35 years of serving client needs came to an end on 11/16/2021 when he lost his battle with cancer. Brad's son Jacob Parish joined the firm in 2009 so he was able to maintain these client relationships and continue guiding their financial plans. Craig Tolzman joined Schooner Financial Associates in 1993 and his son Jared Tolzman also followed in his career path joining the firm in 2021. Craig's other son Jason Tolzman followed shortly after, joining the firm in 2023. Having access to multiple financial advisors provides our clientele with added peace of mind knowing they will always be cared for throughout their lifetime. 

We at Schooner Financial believe that each client deserves a professional and independent analysis of their unique goals and objectives, resulting in the implementation of a comprehensive plan that covers all phases of their financial picture: emergency savings, intermediate-investing, retirement, education, taxes, estate planning, and insurance.  A successful financial plan requires regular monitoring and consistent communication and service. Our team is confident we can help you achieve your financial goals and make the process less stressful.